Lost: Dr. Linus

Answers…finalllyyyy. Well, we now know with certainty what everyone is a candidate for. And that there are 6 left to replace Jacob. Who are they? Sayid, Kate, Jack, Sawyer, Sun/Jin (where is Jin right now!?), aaand who am I missing? And so also we find out that if Jacob touches you, you cannot die. Well at least in some sense. Cause we know that Locke died…kinda. And we also know that Richard was touched. And Alana. Does this mean that they are candidates? Or once were? If they were, why were they crossed off? Do people that Jacob touches have the capability to be “inhabited” by Smokey upon “death”? Is this why Michael, way back when, couldn’t kill himself? Are Smokey and Jacob the same person and that’s why Jacob couldn’t be killed by Smokey and instead had to find a loophole? Ok, sooo for starting off a paragraph with “Answers”, I sure included many question marks. Blegh whatever, that’s just how the show is. And that’s why I love it.

I thought it was cool in the flash-sideways how Roger Linus MENTIONS the Dharma Initiative and the island. So it exists in this other timeline. And Ben was once on the island. But they were obviously allowed/able to escape, which is a difference. What is this whole scenario? And why is it that everyone on this scenario has come to realizations that they had come to on the island too? For example, Ben’s decision to help Alex and that power isn’t everything is the same realization he came to on the isalnd at the end of the episode. Hmm… By the way I loved how the dynamite-blower up guy was Ben’s friend off the island and that he helps Alex Russeau (sp!) Very cool.
I really did love this episode. On Jay and Jack last week they mentioned that this season was gonna be divided up into 3 parts. Last week ended the first part and this episode began part 2. I can see it. No more temple. And now we’re more into new questions and new answers.

Does anyone have any theory about Witmore? I don’t even have anything to say about that…yet.

Ok I got something now…it’s now 3 hours or so after I posted… So Witmore didn’t want to get off at the island point where Ben and Sun and all them were. I think he may be headed over to the Smoke Monster’s island, where Locke wanted Ben to go. This is who is coming to the island, Witmore, and he is going to take those off the island who are with Locke, and expose the island like he’s always wanted to the rest of the world. The thing Jacob didn’t want to ever get done. But now that he’s dead, he’s able to expose it.
Check this blog, I haven’t read it yet, but if you’re a Lostie like me, you’ll like it.What’s Alan Watching?

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  1. Jamie says:

    i think that ben might be my facorite character lol, just because whenever hes involved a) things arent what they seem, hes so deceitful, i love it! and b) he brings his witty situational humorthe previews for next week made me excited to see sawyer!!!i def think this was the best episode of the season so far, for a few episodes it was starting to lose its lost edge…but after last night, its back!

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