Dreary Days and My Favorite Necklace

Well, it’s warming up. That’s for sure. I’ve even been too stubborn to wear a jacket out. Funny how when it’s been so cold then it’s 45 degrees you think it’s SO hot out, then in the summer and it’s 45 one day you are FREEZING! It’s all relative. Anyway, even though it’s been relatively warm, it’s been pretty dreary. And SUPER foggy. When I was driving home from Dara’s last night I was freaking out I could hardly see in front of me! Are you supposed to leave your brights on in times like this? I hope so. Otherwise I was a big jerk on the road and people probably hated me.

This week I’ve been working odd hours- 11-7 ish. Been nice but it’d be nicer if it were warm and sunny out and I could go for a bike ride with that extra time in the morning. This morning I did an on-demand work out video which was basically a dance taught in steps. SO fun…especially cause noone’s watching…I’m not exactly a good dancer even though I LOVE it… on that note there has not been enough dancing at the bars lately…we’ll have to work on that.

I haven’t been cooking much- but I did discover a way to eat a good egg sandwich at work. Yesterday I toasted some sesame bread, spread laughing cow cheese on it, and placed slices of a hard boiled egg on it. Definetly gonna be eating more of this! Egg meals are just so satisfying.

I’m also pleased to announce that work has been going so much better than before. March has been a great month- not just for me, but for many of my friends and family. Jobs are popping up, and other opportunities as well. ARYN is gonna be showing her AMAZING JEWELRY at an art fair in Deerfield on April 24 and 25. I am lucky enough to be the proud owner of one of her early pieces of work- when I first started to play the guitar (not to give you the impression that I’m any better now than I was then…) she made me this necklace:

my favoritest necklace ever
I can’t even tell you how many compliments I get on this. And this piece is so basic. Check out Aryn at Etsy!
aryntaylor’s BEAUTIFUL jewelry …and also come visit at the art fair!
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