Lazy Monday

My dinner last night:

Eggs with feta, avocado, salsa, corn tortilla, and veggies. YUM!

I first made an eggwhite scramble with the spinach, red onion, some garlic salt, and egg whites. Then I added the avocado. i kinda spread it all out and cracked a whole egg on top so that I’d have some yolk to run! I topped that with feta. Meanwhile, my corn tortill was toasting. I put that on a plate, flipped the pan onto the tortilla, and topped it all with salsa. I know I said this already, but YUM! and so easy!

What I love about running in the mornings is that after work I can just veg out. I watched probably 5 episodes of Family Guy last night, dozed off at some point, and it felt sooo good! Mondays are the only day I really don’t have anything to do at all after work, so why not just enjoy it?

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