Rabbit Rabbit and Other Superstitions

Superstitions are dumb. They have no logic. And I consider myself a pretty logical, rational person. But, when it comes to superstitions, I’ve discovered the opposite.

Have you ever heard that on the first of every month the first thing you should say in the morning is Rabbit Rabbit? Well, I’ve heard it, and I always forget, then get mad at myself when I say something else first. But this morning, March 1st, I did it. Now, I expect to have the best of luck all month. Think that’s crazy? Well, I also (now subconsciously) kiss my hand then touch the roof of my car every time I pass through a yellow light when I’m driving. And if I see 11:11 on the clock I kiss my hand then the clock. Also, whenever I cook and use a pinch of salt, I can never just drop the whole pinch in the food. I have to save a little bit to throw over my shoulder. And weirdest of all, whenever I was playing soccer and I’d have a break away, I’d catch my fingers crossing themselves! I guess I am superstitious- I think that bad things will happen if I don’t do these things- my food won’t be tasty, I’ll get a ticket for going through the light, or Go-d forbid I don’t knock on wood after mentioning a hypothetical bad situation! A little crazy, yeah. But, hey, March is here, and I have a lucky month ahead of me! Keeping my fingers crossed! đŸ˜‰

PS Don’t you love months that start on Monday?

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