Friday again…oh how quickly the weeks go…I mean, it’s March on Monday! WHAAAT? Anyway I am especially excited for this weekend since we are celebrating my birthday! Pizza at a BYO tonight followed by drinks at a bar we’re trying out. Cannot wait! The only problem is that I am so tired and stressed- since I feel like all week I haven’t gotten much sleep and/or any time to just chill out. I guess that’s what Saturday and Sunday are for, right? I hope that’s how this weekend plays out anyway. I feel like I deserve a break since I’ve been working hard, and I actually reached a big milestone at work by selling 2 (kind of 3) life policies this week! Yay! I guess celebrating this weekend is actually two-fold.

So, this morning I woke early to attend this Networking Breakfast for the Chamber of Commerce. I think it was very beneficial. First of all, these breakfasts are every other week. The regulars (which I will soon become!) all know each other and I can tell they use eachother’s businesses and refer each other. Hopefully now, whenever anyone needs insurance (or a tutor!!!) they will think of me. The thing about going to these networking things is that I am usually the youngest one in the bunch. And I look younger than I am. I really need to make a point to dress nicely and prove my professionalism. But I guess it’s also a plus, right?

Have you networked? Do you think networking events are beneficial?

Ok everyone, we all know how bad I am about posting on the weekends, and although I will try, most likely I will be back Monday! Happy Weekend! Live it up!

Before I go, here are some (pretty bad- from my dinky phone) pics of the DELICIOUS meal my dad cooked for me from my bday- Eggplant paremsan LASAGNA (with whole wheat noodles upon my request of course) and my mom’s famous salad :)..of course the meal started out with olives, fresh Italian bread, and amazing cheeses, all of my favorite things ever!

Might as well not put these up they’re so blurry, and I was too lazy..ahem I mean ANXIOUS to go get my camera from upstairs…so this is what I got. Now regretting tremendously. But my dad did make homemade gravy(tomato sauce to you non- Italians) for the eggplant lasagna and it has riggot (translattion- ricotta cheese) so whats not to LOVE!?

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