Lost: The Lighthouse

LOVED the episode! Thought the mirrors were great- Carly pointed out how Jack may only be able to see his scars in the mirror (appendix and the scar/blood on his neck from the plane). And then at the end, all that mirror stuff with the degrees…Kate was number 51…whaaaat!?

I have one theory…well kinda a theory, and that’s about why Hurley is leading right now. He is the next one on the list- 4 was Locke, crossed off…and Hurley is 8. This can have a lot to do with why he is leading Jack and such and following Jacob around.

Who is Claire’s friend? Locke? Does she know it’s Locke? Makes me wonder if she sees someone different than we do, considering wouldn’t she be confused that John Locke has taken on 2 forms? And was “Locke” and now is “her Friend”? Also, is she gonna kill Kate? I can see it… Especially since she and Kate are so close in the off-the island story, and so far everything has been completely opposite on and off the island.

And I found this on another blog…

Jacks wife, isss juliet.

aaand jacks purpose on the island. is to get his son, david to come to the island.

the shepard on the list is david. not jack.
david is a musician. music sooths cerberus.
cerberus is the smoke monster.



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