Annddd I’m feeling old. 23! woah. I’d honestly say this is the first year I feel old. But at the same time I still feel like im 13 inside. Especially since I get mistaken for an 16-18 year old all too often. I guess I’ll appreciate this when I’m older, but getting IDed is getting old. I just said OLD a lot!!!! Anywayy this year has been full of changes and growing up…mostly due to the fact that I graduated in May and did my fair share of traveling…when I think of it, 22 was a great year! I’m gonna make a list of the ten best things that happened to me when I was 22 (in no particular order):

10. I graduated college! That’s something to be proud of!
9. I got a job!
8. I was on a cruise with some of my best friends in the Carribean…and realized I never want to go on a cruise again…
7. I visited Israel and Greece
6. Spent the summer in Aspen nannying, hiked to the summit of Aspen mountain, and found my new happy place 🙂
5. I chopped my hair off and donated it to Lockes of Love…I hate myself with short hair too.
4. I started this blog
3. I have become obsessed with Pilates, and now feel better about my self as a result. It’s all about the core!
2. I have made new friends (from around the world!)
1. I have a better sense of what I like to do, what I hate to do, who I want to become, and what make me happy.

Well, I hope 23 brings me as much happiness as 22…And if I keep approaching things with the glass half full I expect this can be a reality! It’s all about PMA! Take a look at me through the years in pictures below.

So to celebrate my mom took me out to breakfast this morning- to Eggspierence…soo good we split a veggie cheese omlette, hash browns, and pancakes. YUM, still full and its 3 pm! For lunch I had cake- as seen above- from the BEST bakery across the street from my office, thanks to my coworkers 🙂 Later on my dad is working his magic in the kitchen making me a special request: Eggplant lasagna, good Italian bread, olives, and cheese…Oh and wine!!! And my mom made a cake, which I intend to share with my friends later. Thennn Friday my friends and I are celebrating with more alcohol and PIZZA downtown. Can’t wait!!!

My fam
Me posing awkwardly for my ice show
My dad and I at a 4th of July Parade (In my soccer gear)
Ava and I in Salamanca, Spain
Mom and I
Ingrid and I in Boulder, Co last summer
My cousins and I at Christmas 2009
My friends (and senior year roomies) out in Chicago
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