Lost: The Substitute

LOVED the episode! So many answers…but of course SO many more questions. Who was the blonde boy? Aaron? Jacob? A random new guy? What’s up with Jacob’s ash? Does it have something to do with the ash that keeps Esau (or whoever he is) away?

One thing I have a theory on (with the help of Carly) is the numbers on the ceiling. Where was Kate? And Sun or Jin? Well, I think it is only MEN that are “candidates” to become Jacob. Locke was crossed off. And he was #4 which is the first number. So, is Hurley next???? Kinda like final destination, right?

So, it’s all just a game. Jacob brings people to the island in hopes someone can take over his position/find a SUBSTITUTE. Esau tries to prevent this by killing off his candidates, aka Locke. But they can’t do this. They can only PERSUADE…by taking over other peoples’ forms and such. These island people are very persuassive, wouldn’t you say?

And I think Esau/Locke NEEDS Sawyer to come with him off the island, and he cannot go without him. What must they do to leave? Exciting!!!

Lastly, I just thought it was very cool how Rose, Hurley, and Locke…and Jack are all connected off the island now. Oh, and BEN as a teacher!!! I have no theories on this…yet. Do you?

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