Happy Tuesday! Tuesdays are a rough day, gotta work 9-7…but on the UP side, Lost is on tonight!!!

Speaking of Up…Have you seen the movie? I saw it last night, and I give it a rating of 8/10. I loved the love story of the old man and his wife, and the concept of achieving your dreams and appreciating the little stuff in life. However, though I realize it was for the kids, I HATED that there were talking dogs in the movie. For some reason, it really bothered me!!! Not that the movie was realistic by any means, but talking dogs? Come on! I thought the best part of the movie was how in the first 10 minutes they got me to cry. Through animation. Their journey was beautiful.

Watching Up, and traveling along with your home makes me want more than ever to spend a few of my retired years road-tripping in an RV with my husband. When Carrie and I were on our road trip in October, we saw some old couples relaxin in the camp site in their RV. It looked so great, and definitely something to add to my bucket list.

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