A Weekend Full of Birthday Fun

Hi all! Didn’t have much time this weekend to post…Friday night was not only the opening of the 2010 olympics but also my friend, Carrie’s birthday celebration. Look at the cupacakes I made, and Aryn decorated! She’s so good 🙂

Recipe from the 2006 Food & Wine annual cookbook.
And the icing? Bet you didn’t know it’s this easy…Just put some powdered sugar in a bowl and add some skim milk. VERY LITTLE MILK TO A WHOLE LOTTA POWDERED SUGAR! Just stir to get the lumps out and to get to the consistency you want. For this recipe we made it pretty thick so it didn’t run so much. You can also add vanilla or other extract (lemon, almond, etc.) to add some flavor.

So Saturday night was my friend Pam’s birthday. For her I made a heart shaped red velvet cake, to celebrate valentines day too of course! I frosted it with cream cheese frosting, and surrounded it in chocolate chips. We sang to Pam at dinner, and since there was some cake leftover we ended up handing out slices to everyone in the restaraunt- which was very good by the way. Mamacitas in Lincoln Park. A great BYO Mexican restaurant, if you’re looking!
Hi Pam, Open your Eyes!
So, now it’s Monday. I woke up and went for a run today- outside- and came home with ice chunks in my hair. Now I can’t seem to warm up. Maybe I shouldn’t be running in this freezing weather…

Well, happy Monday to everyone! Have a great week- and look for some yummy blog posts to come this week 🙂

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