LOST…and Some Homemade Applesauce

Sigh. This week’s episode of Lost didn’t set my head spinning like last week’s did. I do have one comment about the whole Claire thing. When itw as announced that “Jack’s sister” aka Claire, was infected…this means that she was murdered on the island and then the infection took over and made her evil, as we saw in that frightening last clip of her with wild hair (still looks very cute in my book though!). Ok so since Sayid was shot on the island too he has the potential to be “infected”. To me, the infection is of smokey.


So the people in the temple were trying to save Sayid from becomign a part of smokey. I think this has something to do with the ash they blow on him being the same ash that keeps Smokey out, normally.

Oh yeah and…Mac! From It’s Always Sunny! Yay!

Ethan! Creepy creepy Ethan! What does this all mean? And Claire naming her baby Aaron impulsively? Looks like my theory from last week may be playing out. No matter what it will all converge. Destiny.

Question: Do you think the Losties off the island have memories of being on the island?

On a completely separate note, I made some homemade applesauce last night. Baked applesauce, with cinnamon. and SO easy!

First I just sliced 4 apples in half (I used 2 fuji 2 pink lady), cored them, and put them face down on a baking sheet. Skin on and all.

Bake em at 375 for 30 minutes. Let em cool, and then peel off the skin. If some stays on, no problem.

Add some cinnamon and mash em all up. Naturally sweet from the caramelization of the apples, and oh so delicious!

Question: How does peanut butter applesauce sound to you? Think about it before you say “ewe”. Please leave a comment.

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