When I left my house for work this morning and started driving in 4wd on the slippery, snow covered road, my mom’s words repeated in my mind. “You always can tell which cars have been left outside all night.” Ok, it’s pretty obvious, and I am sure to yell/make fun of her every time she says it. But it’s true. And unfortunately my Jeep is one of those lucky cars who gets to biuld up inches upon inches of snow on it over night. And I’m the lucky one who gets to clean it off in the morning.

Ok, besides that whole situation, I love snow. It is just so pretty! I love driving in it while playing some Crosby Stills albums, looking out at the snow covered branches. And even better? Playing in it! Ok, haven’t done that yet this year, but hopefully after this snow storm it won’t be long!!

One last thing about the weather. While it looks like this time the weather forecasters are right, don’t you just hate when they predict a snowstorm, and then there is none? I get all excited for nothing. Ho hum.

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One Response to Blizzard

  1. Jamie says:

    ho hum indeed šŸ™‚

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