My room as a time capsule

Today I decided to get down to it and clean my room. Since I’ve been living in my room for 15ish years, and just finished college, my room has turned into a time capsule. All of the pictures on my walls are the originals, my high school and junior high photo albums still reside on my shelves, and under my bed lies a plethora of this-es and that-s from childhood. Today I finally got myself to throw away cell phones and cameras that now look like they are from the stone age. It’s funny how you have so much trouble getting rid of stuff, even if you know you’ll never use it again. Now, I’m the type of person that likes everything clean and simple. However, today I realized that since I probably have a year left living in my room, I might as well turn it into a full blown, life size memory box. My walls are now covered in posters, pictures, and overflowing bulletin boards. I have to say, having finished going through it all and reorganizing, it’s a compilation of my growing and becoming thorough the years. And it looks great 🙂

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