Ok here’s a deep thought about balance, something I strive for every day…

BalancE. It’s increasingly important every day. My friend Heather once told me that a few things should be stable in your life in order to be happy and feel at ease. One was family. No matter what changes in life, family will always be with you. You only get one. If family is not stable, as many of ours are not, it is just as important to have good friends for support.

Whether it’s a few or many, friends are there to help you when you’re down, and celebrate when you’re up. You have different friends for different reasons, all of which lead to balancing the needs in your life.

The third thing that needs to be stable is love- this can come in many forms. It can come from your friends and family, or from a significant other. It’s said that everyone needs to be touched every day. The sense of being loved provides unbelievable support through tough situations, knowing that there is someone there with you.

Lastly, happiness at work is infinitely important. when you think about it, you spend as much time at work, if not more, as you do doing anything else. Do what you love. If you have these things in balance it is easier to find security and pride in who you are.

It is important to spend time alone to reflect on all of these aspects. If you can achieve balance, change is not so much of a worry as it is an excitement. Everyone needs to “spice things up” and change. You only live once, and there is just so much to do out there. Don’t get into a routine that cannot be altered. If you have balance over a period of time, seek change. Be sure that balance will transfer from people to people and from place to place. Even if you feel you’re teetering a bit, you’ll find your footing in time. As long as you have a base and are secure with yourself, the impossible is possible. Do what you love, whatever makes your heart pulse faster. Just go for it.

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